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Booking Conditions, Assumption of Risk and Liability Release

Code of Conduct

EU City Tax Waiver – Example

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Template

How to Book a Trip with STEM Study Tours

Iceland - Supplemental Information

Ideas to Get Your Students Signed Up

Lost Passport Process

NASA (Kennedy - Florida) Authorization to Purchase Tickets

Medical Release Form

Operations Department Memorandum

Packing Lists: Cold-Weather   Warm-Weather   Texas Space STEM

Photography Release

Privacy Policy

Responsible Tourism

Risk Assessment – Generic

Rooming List Example

Student Tips for Success

Teacher's Guide for Educational Travel

Tipping Considerations for Travel

Trip Mate: Plan F560S / Plan F560E


Wholesale: Booking Form

From our industry friends at Propel: In our industry the lack of manufacturing skills has created a skills gap and it's a serious issue going forward. One thing that is important is finding top talent to join the manufacturing force and breaking down the stigma that surrounds this world. We used some of our expertise and put together a manufacturing skills guide and included some insight on how we could solve this issue. Check it out:

The Manufacturing Skills Gap: What Is It and How to Solve It?

95 Manufacturing Definitions


Key Science - Feb Half-Term 2024

Texas Total Eclipse 2024

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