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Keeping you, your students and our environment safe!

STEM Study Tours offers a wide range of incredible destinations and we take great pride in ensuring extra steps are put in place to create better environments for people to live, work, and explore.  We understand the needs of the cultures we feature and work with them to maintain their unique biodiversity.  While visiting our destinations, our team always considers how we can minimize the impact on the environment to ensure that destinations remain viable for many years to come. 


In our operations, we regularly review how we can influence change and minimize the impact of our activities on the climate.  We also ask that you consider ways that your group can reduce the impact of your travels.   Many websites feature innovative carbon calculators and offset options, best principles for eco-friendly tourism and more.  We invite you to research these to see how you may best contribute.


Responsible travel is also about bringing you closer to cultures and environments by involving local communities in tourism.  It's about doing this in a fair way that helps ensure that they will give you an even warmer welcome.  As an example, a local guide will open your eyes to their culture, all while earning a much-needed income from your visit.  The responsible traveler understands the relationship with the environment, and that income from tourism can be a powerful incentive for conservation.  The responsible traveler values diversity – diversity of people, cultures and environments.  We believe that we can grow as individuals through these experiences, and that any trip can make a positive contribution towards conserving global diversity. 

Green tourism and responsible travel are key concerns for us.  STEM Study Tours believes in supporting responsible tourism, improving health and safety and promoting sustainable practices among all travelers. 

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